Another one bites the dust

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Well, we made it through my 3rd infusion as well as my 3rd hydration. Mazel tov! Break out the Manischewitz!  So far so good, no ill effects hitting just yet which is good.  I am just very tired as usual.  It blows that Monday will be a full-blown shit storm just in time for the 4th.

We were supposed to leave for New York tomorrow, that makes me so sad.  We usually go for the 4th and have a whole family bbq out east and see the cousins.  We couldn’t go last year either, but that’s because I was cooking Dylan and was way too pregnant to move let alone fly.  Next year we will go for sure, along with Israel and Italy.

In other news, Zack found my hat.  I bought a cancer hat for the days that my hair is just too gross to do anything with, you know because there is just so much for me to do with it now. He swore that he didn’t throw it out, I even found my way digging through TWO garbage cans and every room of this house.  I eventually gave up and found an identical black version at Target this week.  Well guess what, he found it today!   Where it was I just didn’t believe.  It was in the GARAGE REFRIGERATOR.  Do you have any idea how many times he’s been in there since? Oye fucking vey.  As long as I have it back that’s what matters! I am still giggling about it, better than being so pissed!


So I am doing home hydration this weekend, starting tomorrow through Monday. I am a little nervous because I don’t know if Constantine is going to show  up, does he work on the weekend!?!?!  Does he work on Holidays???  Who will I watch Grace and Frankie with?  This is the shit that will keep me up at night and no amount of Atavan will help me through.  I will totally let you know what happens.

I think I will take a siesta and get my siesta party started for the weekend. Let’s hope for an easy recovery this time and that Constantine comes here to visit.



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  1. At less the hat was kept cold for your head, a method to the madness……………and its something really to get a belly laugh from! Lots of love and hugs to you this weekend and always.

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