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What a weekend!  I finally felt human and could almost taste my food, for me I say that is fantastic!!  We were so busy being a family this weekend that I almost forgot about cancer, almost.

It is such a treat these days to feel good that you forget to slow down.  I have packed this week so full because next week I go back for an infusion, and need to remind myself to chill.  It actually isn’t that hard to remind myself because I fall asleep sitting up around 3pm.  Anyway, it was a great weekend all around.  We rested, I actually went in the pool, Zack relaxed and we saw some friends.  Goodness all around.

On another note, I was introduced to Brene Brown today by my therapist.  She is awesome (so is my therapist).  See, when you have cancer, it is REALLY important to see one.  There is a LOT to talk about.  But anyway, she showed me this video that I am including today.  It talks about EMPATHY vs. SYMPATHY.  If you know me and read this often, you know that I HATE sympathy.  I don’t want your pity either.  There is such truth to the difference between the two, and I have never resonated more with anything.

When people found out about my cancer, people reacted differently as expected.  With the exception of the few that I expected, and the few that surprised me, most of you have shown me empathy.  Thanks for that!!

Please watch this video below, it is really eye-opening and inspiring.



6 thoughts on “At least it’s not…”

  1. What a terrific video!!! I’m gonna watch that one again. So happy you had such a good weekend. Sending love and hugs

  2. Wonderful video. Thank you for sharing. Glad you had a relaxing weekend. Although, it sounds like you were very busy. It was great seeing your folks. Sending hugs.

  3. Great video…I am guilty of always looking for the silver lining. I am glad you had a nice weekend.

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