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T-2 Days until the chemo party!  Whoo hoo!!! Who has their party hats, blowers and Zofran ready!? ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But guess what, I only have 44 more days until my last infusion!! Not that I am counting every day or anything. I am really excited to put this chapter behind me, but on a twisted note I am looking forward to SLEEPING this weekend.  The kids are going to my parents, ring the bells!  Sorry mom and dad, but Dylan doesn’t sleep past 5:30.  Insert evil laugh here.

I ran around like a loon today, got my necessary mani and pedi before treatment.  I think she cut my cuticles today, I wasn’t paying attention.  Oops.  Then I went and got paint samples for our house.  It was so much fun, not.  Then I took a nap.  I love my naps. Then Jana came over, love those times Asher doesn’t know she’s coming and he squeals with glee.  She brought him rainbow pasta, how fun is that!  And he ate it, awesome.

In my car today I got sad. I found a rubber band for my hair in my cup holder.  It must have been there for a solid year, but I never really noticed it until today.  I am seriously in withdrawal from pony tails.  You must think I am obsessing about my hair. It is the little things like that which make this so damn hard, aside from the whole cancer thing.  I know that I will be able to put my hair up sooner than I think, but I really miss it.  By the time I am done with chemo and ready to really scrub my hair, I will have had surgery.  Meaning I won’t be able to wash my own hair.  Today my mom said she will take me to Dry Bar when it is time, thank god it is down the street.  I will frequent it often!!

So tomorrow is my last day of freedom.  I am supposed to take Asher to see his very first movie.  I have a feeling we will end up at the arcade again.  I will keep you posted on the outcome.

OH! I almost forgot that I confirmed the caps are frozen.  I found a better person to talk to than Rod, and boy did he get annoyed.  Iris called and said Rod placed them yesterday in the freezer.  Yay Rod.  He said to her, “what she doesn’t trust me?”  No Rod, I don’t.  They weren’t cold enough last time and Gavin had to put them on ice!  Fucking ROD!  Your name is a pole!!!!!  Anyway, thanks Iris!



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