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Well after the longest day to date, I can officially say that I have finished FOUR ROUNDS OF CHEMOTHERAPY! Insane.  Surreal.  Wild.  Happy!  I know that I still have 2 more to go, but I can do it!  I did ask about having only 5 treatments, and she said she has had some patients who don’t complete all rounds.  I am not a quitter of cancer and will complete the 6 rounds.  It sucks, but it is not life threatening at all.  Just sucks.

I had some lovely visitors today!  Christy came to visit which was so special, I barely remember because I was seriously drugged today.  My sister told me I was Mario and she had to leave to go save the Princess in another castle.  Probably the best line of the day.  My God-Mom Suzi came too!  She brought lunch and I think I ate.  She kept momma company after my dad left.  They all come to say hi, but is it for free food?  Hmm… I know I only show up for the sandwich.

I met ROD!  The fucking pole.  He didn’t like me I can tell.  I called him over all excited to take a selfie, but home boy wasn’t having it.  I tried to be friendly but he wasn’t very reciprocal.  I should be scared for my next round.  Iris is my girl so I will trust her!

I took a picture with Gavin today, he is my cold cap fitter.  Our morning started out talking about our favorite curse worlds.  We all decided that FUCK is the absolute best word in our language.  He’s British so imagine how awesome it sounds coming from him.  I might start calling people “wankers” for fun.


I ended my fucking long day by meeting with my doctor.  She said the tumors are absolutely shrinking and I am responding to treatment very well.  The unexpected news is that I might need radiation after my first surgery.  I would have it for 6 weeks, 5 days a week.  It scares me only bc it tightens and reddens the skin, and after having surgery this is not what I want.  Also from a vanity point of view, I don’t want red skin.  She said being fair-skinned is a bonus though.  More to consider.  This would delay my second surgery for 6 months and keep the expanders in for MUCh longer, great.  I will also have to go on estrogen repressing medicine, something that I always expected but didn’t really think about until now.  Shit happens.

There was a ton more info to divulge, but I am honestly beyond tired and my Ativan is calling my name.  Thanks for the good wishes and notes today, they power me through the cold!  You are all the best, especially those of you who know you REALLY are the best. And a big thank you for the ICE CREAM CAKE!!!!!

Until tomorrow friends, have a good night.


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  1. Warrior woman! I have bad news. The princess is yet In another castle, which means the hunt continues. However, wanker I love. I think I’m using it instead of fuck going forward. Perhaps Siri will understand wanker and stop telling people I have a ducking issue.

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