Today, we celebrate!

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There is so much good to celebrate today!  First of all, it is Baby Dylan’s 1st birthday!  We made it a year as parents of two!  Holy crap how did that happen?  What a beautiful gift that little boy is, wild man, but a gift.  He is already pulling his weight (literally) around here to be seen and heard to keep up with big brother.

One year old, wow how fast time flies.  It literally seems like yesterday that I was crying in my kitchen trying to figure out how to feed Asher and keep Dylan from crying during his witching hour.  Then of course that figured itself out, but my god was that a hysterically bad few weeks.  I almost feel like I haven’t had the chance to enjoy my baby because I have been immersed in doctors for the past few months.  He knows I love him and he loves me.  We are all bonded as a family and that’s what matters. But man, slow down this time!  With the second kid it really is true that it just a blur of months.  Good blur, but a blur nonetheless.

Secondly we are celebrating the freedom of my arm!  Today I got my PICC line removed!!!!!!  For the first time since May, I am foreign object free from something in my arms.  I am beyond over the moon.  I got to the infusion center this morning all excited and basically just shoved my arm in anyones face for them to see.  I just wanted it out!  Yes, I will have my last chemo through my veins and my IV will stay in for 3 days for hydration.  I don’t care.  I want arm freedom from any and all infections!  YAY!  I literally feel like celebrating or dancing.  Good thing we are celebrating Dylan tonight, because I am celebrating too!

Ahh, so excited I just want to shout from the rooftops.  If you hear me, don’t think I’m crazy, I am just celebrating my little bit of freedom!

Needless to say, today is a better day than yesterday.  Thank you to everyone who called or texted.  It always means so much to me!!



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