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I can taste! My sense of taste kind of came back last night, and this morning I totally tasted my delicious Jasmine Dragon Shrek Euphajamima Doubtfire Green Tea from Coffee Bean!  I even tasted ever so slightly the blueberry muffin as well.  I think they are just gross that is why it sucked last week.  Anyway, WHOOO HOOO!  I just ate an orange, and it tasted pretty damn good as well.  I couldn’t handle another week of not eating, that got old.

Today has been a busy day, but a good one at that.  We decided to postpone a little procedure for Asher until the end of the year, with everything that’s going on it is just too much.  I decided that I need to be selfish for once and put myself ahead, and the doctor said it won’t make much  difference so in the end, better.  I hired a new nanny today, now I have to fire the old one which is never fun.  You could cut the tension with a knife around this house, not something we need right now.

I had a great lunch with a dear friend today whom I don’t get to see very often.  We have tried over the past few months, but you know- life.  It’s always great to catch up with people who you know care and check in.

Lastly, I am starting the post surgery shopping.  I know that there is a laundry list of items that I am going to need, so I am heading to Target this week to stock up and obviously for fun. From other friends who have had this procedure, even a new toothpaste is a necessity.  So I am off to buy some button down pjs, new toothpaste and more button down flannel print shirts than I owned in the early 90’s.  If you have any suggestions on things you think I might also need please let me know.  I am open and writing a list!

Hope your Monday is going great, it is Monday Night Football after all.  And remember, the Giants won yesterday so we are undefeated!



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