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Well I had my first pre-op appointment today with my internist, it went well and I am cleared for takeoff.  Get it?  Take off as in my boobs. HAHA.  I even got a chuckle out of my doctor for that one.  Yes, cancer has made me even crazier.

I have my last two pre-op appointments on Thursday, and will be there literally all day long.  Tomorrow is a week from surgery, time needs to fly!  I am so anxious that it’s kind of ridiculous at this point.  Ativan is my friend, my very good friend when I sleep.

Tomorrow is Asher’s birthday, and we are doing something special with him.  Dylan will be with my mom so it’s just the 3 of us, making it even more special.  There aren’t many times these days that he gets special time alone with mommy and daddy.  I hope he has a great day, I can’t wait to see the day through his 4-year-old eyes.  I’m a little worried about my energy level, but the good thing is that there’s plenty of caffeine and benches if we need to rest.

I have been running myself ragged the last few days, and I think it caught up with me today.  I am pretty exhausted and my legs are aching.  I really hope that I’m not getting sick, because that would be a little risky for surgery next week.  So I will just keep saying it’s from the Herceptin and nothing more. That’s all it can be, right?

Have a great night, and I’ll report back after our adventure!


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